The Finest Education


Quality education for your children.

Le Parc Residential Estate offers a convenient on-site nursery school for children from three months to five years of age. This provides parents the assurity of safety and the very best education for their children. Kleine Parc is run by Andrea Basson, an entrepreneur with a passion for children and early years education, and many years of experience; having previously managed Rosen Castle Nursery School for four years, and opening and running Durbieland Nursery School.

Kleine Parc offers children a safe, nurturing and loving environment built on Christian values where each child can thrive and realise their full potential whilst parents can rest assured that their children are taken care of by professional and well-trained staff.

Kleine Parc opened its doors to families of Paarl and Le Parc Residential Estate in January 2022, and is a safe and happy place for little ones. Families can still register for their child to start at Kleine Parc at any point, or can register for them to start in January 2023.